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I feel as if I was highly overcharged for a fuel pump that was installed into my vehicle on11/05/2010.The costs amounted to $700.00 and I found out later that as a female, that I was highly taken advantage of.

I surely felt ripped off and the mechanic did it with a smile. I strongly feel violated and ripped off. I would like more clarification as to why a pump that costs no more than $250-$300 costs me $530? Would someone help me with this.

$700 worth of work with a one year warranty.

You're kidding right?!Trasina Martin (205)296-3314 Hoover Al 35216

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The price of the pump varies to what brand it is.You can go with a low grade aftermarket pump and it may not last very long and you would still feel cheated because you would have to keep replacing it often.

Companies that are in mechanics like to use the best part due to the fact that if it fails they end up doing it for free again. Companies also do mark up the part little to create a money pool to compensate for losses due to defect parts. That is with any business. Also everytime anything changes hands it is marked up and that happens everywhere.

I hope that this clarified some of the doesn't matter if you are female, male, white, black, Korean, ect.

People (most mechanics) have a set hourly rate and is determined by what we call the book.Whatever the book says it takes is what the customer pays for the repair.


EOC is the largest Rip off there is out there they pay there employees like 7 dollars an hour and pay them a percentge of every thing they sell none of them are certified have of them are off of the street and dont know anything about a car but yet everyone trust them they sell there parts with 300 percent mark up example if the part really cost 50 dollars you pay 150 what a scam the gadsden location is the worst ever there manger there is a child. SO RUDE AND UNMATURE WHAT A SCAM

to Junior #858924

I am an employee and have more certifications than 3/4 of your dealership mechanics.I am maxed out on certifications in the A-series and in the L-series.

Just because of one individual experience don't bash every store because there are alot of hard working and honest people within the company.Thank you for your time.


Well Trasina, I somewhat agree with Grease mechanic, you should of said no, but I understand that you needed your car. Now, you have to know that some shops add a up charge to parts(thats why some people bring there own parts)and you have to pay labor charge for installing the part. There are different labor charges, now I don't know what type of vehicle you have.

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